The 2017 Ford GT

The ford gt it has been sometime sins ford had made a new model of the ford gt. The 2017 ford gt is nothing like the its older version the ford gt 2006. There are a lot of new details with the body . It looks more like the Ferrari. some new things that ford has done for this new GT are .


Engine size

The ford get has a 3.5L  v6 that is not what  you would expect form a car of its class. But ford like turbo and with that new 3.5L v6 why would the not put it in there newest car . when i saw that i started to laughing. That very sad that ford did that but that’s ford for  you.

horse power / torque

The GT with the 3.5L gives out supposed 600hp. For a 3.5L that’s not that bad it also gives out 550lb-ft of torque. that is also not that bad for a 3.5L v6 engine .


The gt wight is 2,999lb (1,360kg) that is a very good wight for a car of its class. They might still add some more things to that gt i hope but you never know .


The GT has a 7- speed semi-automatic trans. That i good most of the other in its class have something like this.


So that is what i have for today. I feel that ford has made a big error by putting  a 3.5L v6  as do other people. But they will learn from the mistakes.




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