challenger vs mustang

Most people that don’t know a lot about American muscle they would say that you should always get the ford mustang but to be real ford is not the best . so today i will compere to ford gt mustang to the Dodge challenger  they are both of the year 2015 .

engine sizes 

Ford Mustang gt

Engine: 5.0L V8 

Dodge Challenger

Engine 6.4 v8

the challenger has a big very big engine. The Mustang well not even close to that power.

horse power

Dodge challenger: 305 to 707 HP

Ford Mustang: 300 to 435 HP

still the challenger has the upper hand over the mustang gt


ford mustang gt: Up to 22 city, 31 highway

Dodge challenger  MPG: Up to 19 city, 30 highway

so the Mustang gt get more mpg the the Dodge challenger.

Curb Wight 

Dodge Challenger: 4,439lbs

ford mustang gt: 3,705 lbs

the ford has a little less wight then the challenger it that much .

so how is the winner its the Dodge Challenger it killed the ford mustang gt in all most in everything so now you know what is American muscle .


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