chevy ss 454 1970 vs ford Galaxy 500

Which is the one you should get i think the Chevy but for them ford lovers i will compere it t with the ford galaxy 500 1969 vs my best the Chevy SS 454 1970 with all modifications.

engine size (7.4-liter!) Chevy SS 454 1970 that’s a monster of an engine

390 cu in (6.4 l) cid V8 engines. ford galaxy 1969 some good power for a ford

Gas mileage

Chevy SS 454 1970  gets 15 a gallon when modified an the street on the track 25

ford galaxy 500 1969 gets 13 a gallon when modified and on track gets 20

body size

the Chevy SS body size is 5017 mm

the ford body size is  5410 mm

so the ford galaxy dose have a longer body then the Chevy SS 454

horse power

chvy ss: A stock 454 7.4L is around 330HP, but you can have one ramped up with performance parts to be as high as 750HP.

ford galaxy : has only 350HP with modulations it is 650HP

a lot more horse power on the SS then the galaxy

okay so at the end you know how won but i have admit the ford galaxy is one cool car now that i look more in to it . but i still love the Chevy SS , no matter so it dose mean i like ford now. see you guys next time.


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